Wednesday, April 2, 2008

emergency services

Seventy year old Martha woke her seventy-five year old husband George from his nap on the sofa.

"There is a truck backed up to your shop and thieves are loading up your tools," she told him in a frightened voice.

He immediately looked out the window, then phoned the police.

The police informed him that it was Saturday night and they were really busy but would have an officer over to his place as soon as one was available, probably in about half an hour. He was advised to stay inside the house with the doors locked until they got there.

He hung up the phone, waited about a minute and called back.

"This is the fellow that just called about the thieves stealing his tools, don't hurry, I just shot them."

Three minutes later an ambulance and two police cars arrived and the burglars were caught red-handed.

"What is going on here?" asked one of the officers, "We were informed that you had shot them."

"Yeah, and I was informed that nobody was available," Old George replied.

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